Sunday 18 May 2014

Disney's Comics , Zorro The Fox !

India saw a late resurgence of Disney's characters years after it was well established.
Chandamama children's trust or Chandamama publications is largely responsible for introducing whole heatedly to Indian readers. Chandamama had successfully been publishing  mythological magazines before and was well entrenched with readers, and decided to plunge in the lucrative comic industry in October 80.

There were some previous attempts in the 60's by Times Of India through Indrajal comics but lasted a few issues.
Chandamama set up the whole range of Disney characters in two separate lines.

A. Classics and comics which featured the popular Disney characters like Mickey Donald and also a regular feature dedicated to Zorro the fox.

Although Zorro was previously given an issue in 1967 by Indrajal comics #37 but was a one issue feature till Chandamama establishing a dedicated for Zorro starting from Issue #3 of Classics and comics.
Wonder World #3 reprints Dell #882 as re-represented by Alex Toth and made famous by Disney!
Wonder World issue #2

The Zorro Ad in issue #2

Wonder World issue #3 also the first issue of Zorro the Fox!

Wonder World issue #18

Wonder World issue #10

B. Book shelf series featuring complete story lines from Disney's movie lines.
The Book shelf series was intresting as it adopted movies Issue #1 Started with adoption of jungle book,which was a huge success.
From there on Book shelf series had very popular offerings like -
The black hole,Peter Pan,Return from witch mountain etc.

Book Shelf issue #1

Book Shelf issue #2

Book Shelf issue #8


  1. Can you upload links for downloading Chandamama Book Shelf.

    1. Sorry i can only share information cant upload any books as im physically not in India anymore!

  2. The first issue is available in this website and it would add to your collection of first three issues :)

  3. Thanks for the update! I have them now , but couldn't update the blog any further as i'm no longer located in India