Saturday 5 July 2014

Hojo's Secret - Tidbits from Indrajal Universe

Indrajal's spell lasted for a good 27 years on the Indian comic lovers.
The most unique thing about it is, Indians relate Comics to Indrajal!
During a short visit to my co-brother's place suddenly Indrajal came up in a mundane conversation and I was surprised to learn that
my co-brother had a lot of info on tidbits from Indrajal !
As I surf the net I realized there are actually thousands of blogs dedicated to the only phenomenon that happened to the Indian Comic industry.
However I hardly see any posts to the happenings or the defining moments in the Indrajal Universe.

Let your's truly elaborate,Well Phans(Phantom fans) know that the 21st Phantom is "Kit Walker"  but in which issues did these defining moments takes place in Indrajal universe around the popular characters?

These tiny "Tid-bits" will be regularly updated as a post in this line called "Tidbits from Indrajal Universe".

Let's start with a Tidbit for this post!

"Hojo" is an interesting character in Indrajal Universe.
Asian, fat, has strength to down even Lothar, is a 10th degree black belt,
knows 14 languages and can speak 10 more, Yet he works as a cook for Mandrake!

What's the catch for this extremely jovial learned guy to work as a cook?
The mystery gets solved in Indrajal's Issue 298 - The Master Criminal

It starts one fine day in Xanadu(the super fortified) residence of Mandrake,when Zed the col. of Inter-intelligence arrives at his residence for breakfast.
Zed 's innocent question crops up a lot of questions when he observes that the ever smiling master chef Hojo's breakfast was excellent however why such a learned person like him works as
a cook for Mandrake.

Mandrake explains that it was Hojo's wish and someone's recommendation (he couldn't remember who) however the pact was that mandrake will not ask questions on Hojo's personal life!
Things take an ugly turn when Mandrake and Lothar is summoned the very next day that Inter-intelligence(Interpol in Indrajal Universe) has been raided by 8(a criminal gang).
"8" was successful in planting a bomb which fortunately didn't go off and hence the mystery! The chief(a robot face to a human voice - no one knows who's the chief!) wants an explanation!

Meanwhile Zed comes out with a theory that only 4 people where privy about inter-intelligence (zed,mandrake and Lothar) and Hojo who went on a holiday just after their breakfast the day before and since they themselves r out of suspicion only Hojo remains.
Mandrake and Lother then sets out on a cat and mouse chase after Hojo,

leading them back to Inter-Intell's HQ

here in a 1 to 1 chat Hojo reveals hi true identity.
Behind the Robotic face and the robotic voice of the chief at inter-Intel sits Hojo! Who works as a cook at Mandrake's house to avoid any suspicion.

Guess who recommends Hojo as a cook at Mandrake's residence none other but Zed!

will be back with more soon!

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