Monday 7 December 2015

The Fly-By-Night Operators - Chellsons Comics

Hey hey hey Barbarians! Sticking to my on going series on obscure Comics and publishers today yours truly will introduce you with another such player which lived a short life.
Chellsons Classics and Comics
Was published by the publisher with the same name during the early eighties from Shivakasi, Tamil Nadu.
Now Shivakasi is also very famous here in India for being the hub for manufacturing crackers.
The interesting story that goes is, since the crackers have very colourful ads and packaging which required a printing press,however the press were only in use during a specific time of the year and were lying idle that's when they decided to join the band wagon of printing comics.
As usual information is scarce but from whatever yours truly could gather it looks like they had intended to start with a classic line coloured comics in which they published Hercules and was supposed to be their flagship.
They also had a parallel line up of British comics by acquiring the rights through IPC magazines (Publishers of Commando,Mandy,Fleetway Library etc) in which they started printing characters which were not introduced by then in India.
IPC Magazines of UK had a basket of characters out of which a few Indian Publishers had already acquired the rights especially War Genre and Western Genre also some Publishers from Tamil Nadu had been successful in popularising "The Steel Claw" and "The Spider" by translating the stories in Tamil.
Chellsons hence decided to go along with the Spy Genre and to that they chose Top Secret(John Havoc),Girl Detective(Kim) and Mam'selle 'X' a world war 2 spy.

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