Sunday 18 December 2011

The Groove of the early 80's

Greetings Barbarians!

Hey dont spook out I was out for a while , you know  since the IT culture has hit our shores we indians get less and less time for ourselves! While that's a debate for another time and date i will try to makeup for my readers for my leave of absence for such a long time with timeless classics.

Yeah before you guys go and doze off remember i mentioned about the fragmented indian comics market ?
No? Well back in the 80's we had publishers who used to reprint DC and Marvel stuff here in India!

Incredible isn't it  much before Gotham tried their hands on the same and gave us readers an "Achilles heel"!
OK back to the main story then, I got my hands on a couple of books which i could salvage from my own crypt.




Incidentally Falcon books used to publish Conan,Popeye and Spiderman,The Falcon #1 of Conan is the reprint of Marvel's Conan's Annual #1 Cover art by Barry Windsor Smith.

And now for the surprise that i have - back in the 50's when US was going through the Television boom era, comic sales had come to a record low,and then the American comic publishers thought on the lines of introducing comics in 3D format. This trend was later replicated in the Indian market  in the middle of the 80's with Kiran Comics coming with 3D comics of Tarzan,Although i do not have any copy of these books but i managed to get my hands on a HINDI reprint of Jack Kirby's Battle for a 3-D World # 1 : 3D Cosmic - "Battle for a Three Dimensional World"

I call it a day for now , By Crom!

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