Saturday 28 January 2012

Renaissance of the 80's a different beat - Frank Miller

Like every quintessential change which occurs in our universe the comic world witnessed this in the 80's decade through the work of Frank Miller.
Scores of blogs are dedicated to his creative exploits and i do agree that i m a Miller Jingo myself!

Here's the list of essentials must haves (my personal view)-

1.      Elektra -  Assasins
         8 part mini series published under the Marvel epic banner covering the exploits of a Ninja assasin of    European descent "Elektra Nachitos" worth noting this introduces us the concept of cyborg before James  Cameroon introduced this to us in Terminator!

2.     Daredevil - The Man without Fear
        A retelling of daredevil's origin story a 5 part mini series under Marvel's Collector edition with Miller's own art a treat in itself and the premises based on real life like people minus the super hero stunts.A class in itself.

3.   Daredevil - Visionaries (TPB)
      Collects Miller's run of the Daredevil series starting with #181  covering  Kirigi, Bulls eye and the Death of Elektra.

4.   300
      Frame by frame we have seen in the movie :)

5.  The Dark Knight Returns
      An epic battle rages between the world's best friends and best known heroes superman and batman.A clash of 2 ideologies who will win ?

There are others like Sin City,Ronin,Hard Boiled but those are the cups of tea which we will sip some other day at some other time.
Till then barbarians keep Crom happy!

P.S : Will be opening a request line, will be adding the widget soon keep a tight watch

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