Thursday 21 February 2013

Sword Vs. Sorcery - Conan

Greetings Barbarians,

In the wake of 1974 young Roy Thomas collaborated with Barry Windsor Smith to give shape and create history, they re-introduced Conan in comic format the Mighty Marvel style!

Before ,Conan originally created by Robert E Howards had found place in pulp books.Though the cover art of these were drawn by legends like Frank Frazetta ,it didn't find mainstream wide popular base.

With Roy Thomas on joining Marvel was convinced that this pulp hero can be cratered to a larger audience using comic book format which will be savored by believers till now feeding on super hero genre.

The rest by crom is history!

Uploading the covers from my own personal collection of Conan the Barbarian-(comic format)

Marvel's Conan run finally came to an end near about 1994, and in these 20 odd years it had glorified what it's original creator couldn't do,however after that they did not renew the rights to publish Conan which was then taken over by Dark Horse .
Dark Horse started the Conan series in 2004 retelling the stories with Carry Nord as their artist check this out-
 And just to let you know how popular Conan is here is a teaser in French! (since i do not have the Spanish and other language copies)

n'uff said next will return with something more catacysmalic
by crom!

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