Tuesday 5 March 2013

Sword Vs Sorcery - Savage Sword Of Conan

Hey hey hey Barbarians!

Ever wondered if at all there was a time in which all the collective minds came together to build something Hyperborious?
Well back in time between conan the barbarian comic books being a success and Arnold became a superstar Roy thomas was convinced that to adopt the story lines of REH and to do justice to the collective band of fantabulous artists like Boris ,John,Giordano ,Neal Adams to name a few, something radical was required.
Out came the magazine Savage Sword of Conan under Curtis imprint. Debuing in August 1974 this didn't need to confirm to comic code authority and yet preserving the true essence of workmanship and freedom.

Black and white in comic format and with art from the who's who of comic world these contents were meant for matured readers and adopted some of the most talked about novels of REH like "black colossus" , "A witch shall be borned" etc. giving conan more pages more space and yes more readership!
 The painted covers, the portfolios the ads makes these a cult classic.
Uploading the covers of SSOC from my own collection judge for yourself by crom!

  Collecting issues #1,3,4,5,10,32,38,54,64,89,175 - Conan saga #73(80's reprints of SSOC)

 These books also had REH's other adaptation of Solomon Kane coming soon under a new post under Sword vs Sorcery!

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