Sunday 2 June 2013

Comic Con Bengaluru - 2013

Hey hey hey Barbarians,

Today was the closing day of Comic Con 2013 Bengaluru edition.So your's truly turned up.
MSM had by the way given this event a pass except the in your town pages with a small article.
The article basically discribed how big partners have got themselves associated with ComicCon turning around it's fate!
To cut a long story short it was a PR job talking about publicity and revenues,well i decided to check the entire thing myself.
I had been to the last edition of Comic Con in 2012 sometime in september ,check out my blog Comic Con Express 2012.

Here in India there is a biscuit which is quiet famous known as Hide&Seek,the USP of this biscuit is, it is a normal biscuit but sprinkled with chocolate chips, and not a chocolate biscuit.

So what is this biscuit business all about? To start with in the entire indoor stadium there were only 7-8 shops selling comics otherwise the entire place was filled with people selling posters,USB sticks ,sketch pens ,marvel merchandises and tid bits! There were launch of some indigenous media houses in comics Aghori,The caravan etc.

Rest apart there was no representation from the comic fraternity what so ever. Sad i had thought they will catch up but i was living in fool's paradise.
The truth is Comic Con has become a merchandise expo in the garb of comics!
Dark horse had a shop and imagine in their shop they didn't educate anything about "The walkin dead" not even a comic was present! yeah it was annoying Hachette India selling TPB's from eon's old marvel catalogues which has no significance in the marvel universe.

I walked up to a store and asked the publisher that his title looks like a Naruto rip off and he just shrugs...
well I had thought that this will be the right platform to bring about a change in educating people of the ongoing trends in the comic universe(San Diego) but it was not to be.

Hence for the first time i'm not uploading any pictures in this blog post.
Comic Con Bengaluru we had a lot of expectation and it turned out to be a prop show and merchandise expo!

R.I.P you have lost one enthusiast here , by Crom!

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