Saturday 29 June 2013

The Lone Ranger

Hey hey hey Barbarians!
Was lazing around the Idiot box last night, and after flipping a few channels saw Johnny Depp's Interview on the upcoming movie - The Lone Ranger.
That send me reeling in the past ,Sure we are going through interesting times!
I see the growing clout of Comics on Hollywood ,whether Hollywood has run out of Original ideas or Publishers have now a strangle hold over the studios is a debatable question.

But your's truly's political views are his own and neither this blog endorses politics and debates ha ha ha!

Coming back to Our Lone Ranger i'm sure many(at least in my country) would have questioned about the protagonist's popularity!
Yeah, but Pop culture is more or less inspired by this guy,Long ago in the dawn of Pop culture when our daily doze of sound bytes came from a box called Radio,
The lone Ranger spawned an inspired tale of a Masked Texas ranger with his Red Indian associate Tonto and his Silver horse to fight injustice.(There are others as well like Zorro)
The Popular Radio show also culminated in news strips and Comics.
The Original Comic format publisher of the Lone Ranger title being DELL Comics somewhere in the 40's,and sure it was huge success.
The idiot box soon followed suite and by the 60's The lone ranger was securely entrenched in the mass media.

Dell Comics "The lone Ranger" was very successful and lasted for 20 odd years!These books had painted covers and line drawings like we see in the golden age books of classic's Illustrated.
Soon after that it was taken over by Gold Key (reprints?)the last i know Lone ranger being published by Dynamite now.
Uploading a few books from my own collection TLR -#107 Dell 1957 and TLR #7 Gold Key 1969

Interestingly The 2013 Movie's Trailer was unveiled in San Diego Comic-con. 
So wipe out those quizzing looks from your faces coz The Lone Ranger has a history of 80 years,India being the second biggest market of Hollywood movies we are yet to test the waters ,but then so was Iron Man eh! 

My 2 cents on it, By Crom!

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