Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Greatest Heroines Of Comicdom!

Hey Hey Hey, Barbarians!

Figure-atively speaking Marvel has a monopoly in this scene.
Not only by the sales figure and appearances on the movie screens which is trending now, but the amount of anthology present infornt of us is huge.
No sooner yours truly had started penning this topic,some figures had already crossed his mind to establish a strong content.

After quite some deliberations yours truly lined them up thus on the ramp-

1.Elektra - The European lady had by far exceeded all expectations when featured in her own movie.Starting as a back-up character in DD by Frank Miller she had everything from Kung-fu to appeal, but really what was that really placed her apart for the top slot? I think it's her unique costume!

2.Vampirella - Ok the vampire part kept aside,where our lady goes on a hunt to suck blood(only when in need) she has her own fan base over the years although no movie has come out yet but she does enjoy her provocative comic presence. 

3.Red-Sonja - Yeah she had a movie dedicated to her and her first appearance was on SSOC #1 with Conan the barbarian.She clinched this spot because of her Armour which helped her more in making a style statement rather than in war!

4.Ms.Marvel - If you happen to know what a feminist stands for she's the one,has been around in the comic industry for 40 + years with so many revivals but have always come on top.

5.Black Widow - So Scarlett did her justice in Avengers,as depicted she is sexy and dangerous,her black dress has given her glamor which has become synonymous with assassin personification in hollywood.

6.Medusa - A checkered history(the Inhumans) but a strong female vocalist ,she's the no nonsense type who would spank you if you cross her.True friends!"Spidy" got the kick as well.But hey her long autonomous hair is like mythology rehashed (name and trait) to comicdom.

7.Angela - was with image but marvel won her over , ok doesn't bothers me First appearance in spawn #9 is a bounty hunter Angel hunting out devil-spawns she is cool with her spear.

Now there’s a bunch of characters who i would like to feature spider-woman,she-hulk,Tigra,Shanna and team players like phoenix and scarlet witch ,but hey this is a countdown and somebody got to loose.

my 2 cent on it ! By Crom!

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