Monday 4 November 2013

In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

Hey Hey Hey Barbarians!

Long time no see,Yeah your's truly was caught between festivals.Well we look forward to something in our monotonous lives, In b/w these festivals your's truly was also busy in collecting and sourcing some rare books,during such a conversation one of my contacts in the west asked me about Indian comics and it struck me that I haven't written anything on newer genres of Indian comics.

During this age where most of the things are going social a hard copy is increasingly getting obsolete,same goes for the Indian market,production houses
are increasingly finding it difficult to sustain cost with rising input costs and dwindling markets.
yours truly picks some of the happenings from the Indian comic scene.

1. Ravanayan     -     Holy Cow Entertainment
   Artists           -    vivek goyal
   Story             -    vivek goyal/Vijayendra Mohanty
   Summary      -    The world only sees the triumph of good over evil,Ramayana is a story laying down the modalities of Indian civilization, more than 7000 years ago,Ramayan depicts actions and consequences but when The protagonist is bound to this cosmic world with his duties can it be that his arch nemesis is not? Ravanayan explores The duties and actions of Ravana the vanquished and the dharma he viewed with his own lenses.

   Review - It's not a new concept but yes getting it in comic format is new.The Cover pages are well done,especially the depiction of the popular 10 heads/faces of Ravana on issue #1 cover.The Fight with the gods cover on Issue #4 is very good as well and worth mentioning. Coming to interiors, panels have been removed by sketches as splash pages with brown background,my opinion would be actually to go for detailed pencil sketches with grey inking.Overall a good read.    

2. Aghori    -    Holy Cow Entertainment
   Artist        -       Vivek Goyal
   Story        -        Ram V
   Summary    -    "For Matured Readers" Present day Vira the Aghori has a violent past and he is in serch of answers which had turned his life into a living hell. He took an unothodrox education to seek the answers and become an Aghori What are these questions what does the Aghori do?
   Review - A very well written book with dark content and good artwork and intuguing story.The cover and the back cover is both awesome.Real good work in making.

3. Ware- house    -    Holy Cow Entertainment
   Artist                -    Vivek Goyal
   Story                -    Akshay/Soumya/Shweta
   Summary         -    Horror Fiction
   Review            -  This reminds me of "tales of mystery" from EC horror flicks the artwork which made those books much sought after unfortunately is lacking here.
   But all the 3 stories are good and actually gives a sense of belonging to the book.

4. Aveon9    -    Rovolt Entertainment
   Artist        -    Abhishek Malsuni
   Story         -    Shamik Dasgupta

   Summary    -    Sci-fi adventure inspired by Indian mystical classics.
   Review       -    what happens when StarWars meets Chandrakanta? An imaginary world of Starwars - Long long ago in a galaxy far far away. with editor as Ron Marz who is like the who's who of comic industry production, presentation and art can only go to newer heights. I will appreciate the Art the colors and the presentation, not since now defunct Virgin (Devi,Sadhu,Ramayan 3392 AD) have i seen so much professionalism in creating a book in Indian Market.Having said that I would like to see a better story where readers would wait for the next episode to hit the stands.

5. Damned    -    Chariot Comics
   Story          -    Aniruddho Chakraborty
   Artist          -    Tarun/Rohit
   Summary    -    In a Future not far from today exists shapeshifters,immortals,socerers and the likes.When a top Industrialists gets kidnapped,A sorcerer mercenary named Anga is hired whose motivation is unknown.
   Review     -      Interesting Artwork which is heavily inspired by modern art canvases with big splashes,In fact the size of the book is bigger
   than contemporary comic books.The overall layout is dark and reflects the dark mood of the Damned.Cover art uses different shades of Brown. Interiors have a lot of action I didn't like the page layout as it is difficult to understand the paneling with cross panel expressions.

Although I'm tempted to add Daksh and Odiyan from Level 10 but to do justice it will have to be in a new post!Till then Barbarians ..
happy hunting, n'uff said!

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