Friday 27 December 2013

The Reprints - Marvel Pocket Books

Hey hey hey Barbarians ! Hope old Crom treated ye'all well this Christmas!
Yours truly had a big catch of large out of print this Christmas which will be presented over time!
But for now with all the niceties kept in the cupboard let's delve deep into the serious business of reprints.

Most of us in this galaxy of comics some time or the other have come across books which have the same cover and content and yet,
the value for them remains missing.In fact reprints are a great way of introducing new people to old pantheons in an inexpensive way.

About 9 years back I use to frequent allies of Mumbai to "landmark" almost every week-end,during one such outing i came across
Marvel pocketbooks by Panini.These were not the UK published b/w pocketbooks published in late eighties.
This series of ongoing reprints hasn't got much attention - I didn't find any mention of any official site.
Published by Panini, who hold the Marvel license through Panini UK, and have produced a series of "Marvel Pocket Books"
reprinting Marvel issues from all eras in a color, digest format.In fact they used digitally enhanced colors, with glossy pages.

Recently i don't see them anymore in the book stores , uploading from my collection

 Fantastic Four: Doomsday 
 Reprints  Fantastic Four #52-60
 Fantastic Four: Where Stalks The Sandman 

 Reprints  Fantastic Four #61-67 & Annual #4

 Hulk: The Coming Of Hulk

 Reprints The Incredible Hulk #1-6

 The Invincible Iron Man: The Tragedy and the Triumph 

 Reprints  Tales Of Suspense 91-99, Iron Man/Submariner 1 & Iron Man 1-4

 The End of the Green Goblin

Reprints Amazing Spider-Man #39-46, though Annual #3 has been left out
 To Kill A Spider-Man

Reprints Amazing Spider-Man #53-61

 Silver Surfer: Origins

 Reprints Silver Surfer #1-5
X-Men: Magneto Triumphant The Uncanny

Reprints X-Men # 104-117

 Will come back with more soon, By Crom!


  1. I am missing volumes 2, 3, and 4 from the X-Men line. 2 is Wolverine Wanted Dead or Alive and 3 is DPS, both fairly expensive, but volume 2 is Magneto Triumphant and it is impossible to find! I'll buy yours!

  2. Dear DB,
    I'm sorry but i do not have them at this moment however plz email me and i will see what i can do for you.