Monday 30 December 2013

The Reprints - DC London Edition Magazine

Hey Hey Hey Barbarians! Lasti-sh we checked with Marvel's reprint with Panini,but can DC remain far behind?
Dc started Superman and Batman reprints monthly in the UK using London Editions Magazines under license.
When Egmont bought Fleetway Publications from IPC in 1991, London Editions was merged with it,
with the combined company known as Fleetway Editions. They also had a line up of DC heroes in various varying publications like
Zones, DC Action, Heroes and Shockwave.In 1996 this became Egmont Fleetway,
and post 2000 Fleetway's name vanished from the titles, and Egmont Publishing took over printing the company's comics

uploading some covers from my own collection..

Will return with more soon..By Crom!

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