Sunday 5 January 2014

The Mythical Spectrum - Spectrum Comics

Hey Hey Hey Barbarians!
In my quest to introduce my readers with nostalgic comics and re-introduce them to "Reading is Fun!",I will take a "Post" break from my ongoing series of "The Reprints"!
Pray Why?
Yours truly got hold of a rare catch of the very short run "Spectrum Comics"!These books had such a small print run that even Yours Truly did not had one!
Spectrum Comics - was started in 1986 by Times of India which was also into publishing "Indrajal Comics" which was running successfully for 20 years by then.
They Editor in it's introductory message wrote that how Indrajal comics had broken the myth that reading comics was bad for Kids and now they are going ahead with their plans of introducing new heroes and newer adventures.

The book also boasts the Debut of "Modesty Blaise" there were a couple of Tamil publishers but none in English.Same can be said of Arak. Flash and Jonah Hex although Yours truly have not seen a single copy of those books yet.
The books were actually smaller compared to the standard size comics and had glossy color pages with painted covers.The color quality was a lot wanting maybe because of production costs and Spectrum's small print run!
Somewhere in 88 they had decided to wind up and that has caused a real scarcity.
Uploading the covers from my collection - Collecting #1,2,4,5,6,24,25,26,27,28

The Editors Note in #1

Spectrum #1 - Also Modesty Blaise's debut!

 Juliet Jones was a 1953 strip !Got critical acclaim for it's panels
 Spectrum #4 Back Cover

 Incidentally I also have the Swedish Version of this story in Agent -X9

 New back cover from #24

So they had Modesty Blaise,Arak- The Son of Thunder,Spider man, Dennis the Menace,Jonah Hex and Flash.Even today on the internet there are hardly any pages online on Spectrum!

Let Old Crom not grumble that I did not present ye all Barbarians a New Year's Gift!


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