Tuesday 8 September 2015

Indian Reprints of Famous International issues ! High Value!

Hey hey hey Barbarians! Yours truly had been toying with this idea for long, to write a post on reprints of Major Key issues in India.
The value of these comics may not be so high in the eyes of Indian collectors but my experience tells me that they are constantly being sought by International buyers.The Comic industry especially in the US has undergone a sea change ,both the big houses Marvel and DC have been constantly re-booting the established characters every 2 years by killing and reviving them.This approach worked but fans realised that it's another marketing stunt to generate hype and en-cashing the hype.
Secondly a newer phenomenon of artificially creating rare comics through Variants.Variants are nothing but the same comic book with different covers,by limiting the number of covers printed an artificial demand and supply gap has been created.
Thirdly collectors have realised that US comics can be bought off the shelf any time ,you just need to have money to buy them there's no specific skill or networking required to obtain them.
Simply put the thrill of the hunt and the fun of collecting is missing hence a bigger shift for foreign variants!

Key issues Indian reprints-

1. The Amazing Spider-man #1 - First self titled series and issue of Spider-man 1963 - Current price in any condition copy Avg. price $2000+

Reprinted in India
First Reprint~Modern Classics in 1989 with the same title and issue and in as is condition.

Second Reprint~More recent reprint is by Diamond Comics Spider-man #6 ,in early 90's,
but, Diamond Comics reprints have a few differences, cover is not a complete copy, minor modifications and interior panels have only RGB colours

2. Action Comics #252 - First appearance of Supergirl - Avg. Price $1500+ and above.
Reprinted in India by Dolton comics in 1982. 


3. Detective Comics #232 - First appearance of Ra's Al Ghul - current price of a Very Fine Raw copy Avg is $399
Reprinted in India by Gotham Comics in 2002 as Detective Batman #10

4. Conan the Barbarian #1- The coming of conan- First appearance of Conan in comic book format,first in a self titled issue 1970 - Current price in VF condition $250+
Reprinted in India 
First Reprint~Falcon Comics in 1984 in the series Conan issue #2 under a different cover

Second Reprint~Gotham Comics also introduced Conan the barbarian however they started reprinting from "The Savage Sword of Conan" Magazine #186.This book has 2 stories the second story is a black&white reprint of Conan the barbarian #1.

5. Ultimate Spider-man #1 - Re tells the saga of Spiderman alebit differently 2000 - Avg price of a VF copy $100+                                                                            

Reprinted in India by-
Gotham comics in 2001 with the same title and issue

6. Wolverine #145 - Avg price $50+

Reprinted by Gotham under Marvel Presents
7. the Amazing Spider-man - 9/11 commemorative issue - Avg price $70+

Reprinted in India by Gotham in 2001 however the Indian reprint is a variant edition as there were changes to the original making it a Foreign Variant of the Original!

8. The Amazing spider-man #121 - Death of Gwen stacy - Avg Price $200+

Reprinted in India by Diamond Comics in 1994 under a different cover

9. The Amazing Spider-man #122 - Death of Green Goblin - Avg Price $200 +

Reprinted in India by Diamond Comics in 1994 under the same cover in a pocket book size format although a full colour print but unfortunately the reprint uses only three primary colours! Strangely for some unknown reason the books were not printed in series.

10. Wolverine Origins - The back story of Wolverine's origin, 6 part story arc, issues trades at $100+
Reprinted by Gotham in 2001 under Giant Size Wolverine

Minor Key issue Reprints by Gotham

1. Batman: HUSH Complete Story Arc ~ Batman #608 -#619 ,Jim Lee art and famous for it's Original story line and Unique covers!

One of the most sought after covers is Batman #608 Retailer Variant-
 Gotham's Interior cover of Batman #608 below!

2. Doomsday & Death of Superman

3. New X-Men ~ Wolverine cover "First appearance of of Precog"

4. Wolverine RRP Variant "Enemy of the state"

5. Movie variants (X-men 2 set of three,Spiderman 1 & 2,The Hulk)

6. Michael Turner's Supergirl German Variant (Superman & Batman #13)

Note: Non-Watermarked Comic Covers have been used from free internet sources under GPL licensing. Credits goes to Original posters!

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