Friday 25 September 2015

Key issue Alert! [Gotham Superman Adventures Issue #4]

Hey hey hey Barbarians!

Come October 26 and 'SuperGirl' will invade small screen in an upcoming series. For some time now the "SuperHero" genre has been growing at 300% each year on the silver screen,but now the rivalry of the publishing giants "Marvel" and "DC" has spilt over to the small screen!
If Marvel hogged the start of the year with Daredevil, DC intends to repeat the same in the last quarter with SuperGirl.
Your's truly will not get into those details for which there are dedicated websites,after all this is no gossip mongering blog!

R&D has lead yours trooly to believe that the super villain casting role of this series has the potential of opening up new avenues !
Lately the internet is abuzz with introduction of "LiveWire" a supervillain in this series and have casted Brit Morgan,who is quite popular amongst fans! bottom line is, DC has a plan/future for this Character!
For the purpose of this blog a little bit of digging by yours trooly lead to a few facts

"LiveWire" just like "Harley Queen" was introduced as a supporting character for an all different animated series from the original line of Superman story arc called Superman Adventures.

Issue #5 of Superman Adventures introduced "LiveWire" her first appearance.

ebay has not many copies listed for this key book and prices have already been booming!

There exists an "Indian reprint" with the same title, albeit a different Issue done by Gotham way back in 1999, during their first stint!

This issue will soon be the Harley Queen of Superman ,keeping my fingers crossed !
So long Happy Hunting!

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