Thursday 14 June 2012

Fall of the Titan - Gotham Comics

Greetings Barbarians!
Hope my posting on Kiran comics have been able to access the 'dangling pointers' of your memory cells to plug the memory leaks! Coming back to the recent past the Indian comic book fans would inevitably agree that in late 90's and early 2000's best thing was Gotham Comics.

Gotham registered in the US had a very innovative concept of tying up with established publishers like DC,MARVEL,DARK HORSE and PANINI to name a few and reprint the content in India and introduce it to the Indian readers at Indian prices.Which effectively means to cushion the exchange rate which had made the Marvels and the DC's untouchables for the average Joe's.

Back in 1999 they had started capturing the Indian market , I was a student and couldn't believe my eyes when i first saw Superman and Batman dangling at local book store in mere 10 INR! I had my doubts the print quality was not like the earlier cheap prints but was on good paper with great artwork it was a coup de' grande that they had achieved.

I couldn't afford to subscribe to them (i was a discounts were offered to them) but in the sly i used to buy their Super Specials which was priced at 90INR and had six issues together.
Due to the meager resources at my disposal I started only with #1's and Conan series,although I'm yet to complete the Conan series as few issues are still missing.

Eventually they winded their business sometime in 2005-2006 (Don't know the exact reason but maybe because of falling subscriptions and high material costs) but this left us high and dry ,though they came back sometime in 2007 with their titles under Virgin Comics (will be uploading the original covers and also the US versions of the same) it was too late.

According to me we can classify the Indian comic scene into 3 ages
 Indrajal Age - (60's to late 70's)
 Independent Age - (late 80's where true Indian characters were introduced by Raj,Manoj,Tulsi and others)
 Gotham Age -( Late 90's to 2005)

Wolverine - The End Series
Wolverine Regular Series - Includes Enemy of the State #10 - #17

Wolverine - MTU #1

The good thing is I still have the posters and the stickers in all the books intact! by Crom.


  1. Is the wolverine issue 1 for sale? Please let me know.

    1. All books photographed and published as a part of my blog are personally owned by me in my collection. These are not any random images copied from internet and stuck here as an exhibition to wow the readers.Hope it answers your query

  2. Please give description like author of wolverine special 2,3,4