Sunday 24 June 2012

Your's truely's romanticism with Gotham

Greetings Barbarians,
Though i have no allegiance to Old Crom but in true sense i have an affinity to the sword and sorcery hero hacking and slashing till his last breath.
Conan had caught my imagination when i had just crossed 9 moons, and to this day i have been following his exploits throughout Hyperboria.Imagine my happiness when i found out that Gotham was printing Conan in India !
After the unsuccessful run by Falcon (which i have covered in my blog not 1 moon back !) , of which i could only own up one .This seemed to me a golden opportunity but to this day i have not been able to complete the Gotham's run of Conan.
Gotham's  run of  Conan   had foxed me for quiet some time,being an ardent Conan fan and collector for so long I couldn't place their issues,I was sure that they had been reprinting "Savage sword of Conan" and renaming it as "Conan the Barbarian". The problem was that though they had used SSOC covers and stories but they had chosen to do so out of sequence(from Marvel's original run of SSOC) which had made it difficult to fix the start of the issue. 
My luck break came in issue #14 where they had reprinted #200 of SSOC (both cover and story being the same, further the opening splash page clearly mentioned #200). Actually Gotham had started from #186 of SSOC and reprinted them in sequence in India as Conan the Barbarian.

Still i lack a few in my collection but here's the rest-
Finally got the #1 Conan published by Gotham whew!!!

Covers for issues #5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,24.
That's all i could collect so far ,Let Crom know that I tried my best!


  1. These comics are really most humble request to u is that can u please upload them for us to download? i'll be really indebted to u. please brother please provide links for all the comics. ur brother,pdruz

    1. Dear pdpruz78 tank you for your comment!
      I would really try to upload a comic if you have something specific in mind,as you would know most of the indian comic books are almost 35 years old and because of neglect they are in depilated condition.

      Let me know which book in is your mind and i will try to oblige.
      Old Crom

    2. Conan comics brother. they are the best. can u please upload the ones u have. it will be the biggest treasure i can cherish apart from the ones i have. i have conan(gotham) no. 11,12,15,18 and 21. So please upload the ones i do not have. i will wait for ur reply very eagerly. ur brother, pdpruz

  2. @pdpruz78 Dude can you send me you email id i will send you the scanned copies of the original SSOC.

  3. Sure bro, my mail id is do send them soon. waiting eagerly. ur brother pdpruz.

  4. Hi,
    In the pics you have uploaded under the conan first issue, the first 2 covers it is printed as issue 5 .How come same issue have 2 different covers.Also i could'nt find issue 6 in the pictures given .Kindly check & correct me if i am wrong.Thanks

  5. Hi under the conan#1 issue you have attached 2 different covers of issue#5 & you have numbered the second one as #6 .How can same issue have two different covers.Please correct me if i am wrong.


  6. Hi Anonymous of 1 June 2016, your question is absolutely correct. This is actually an error. The cover with Conan defending against tentacles is actually No.5. The cover where Conan is fighting a shark and holding a girl too, has No.5 printed but if you open the book you will see the serial number as No.6.

  7. @Anonymous1 Pankaj is right the Gotham series Conan had an error in numbering thats why i took the liberty of posting them in a corrected way!

  8. Will you please send me the Indian published ones? I searched SSOC but can't find the stories i read as a kid..

    1. Dear Alee, I sense the passion in your request however in my current capacity I wouldn’t be able to take that request. Start your search in SSOC #186

  9. Try to hunt for them in flea markets or second hand book stores

  10. Hello
    I am grateful to you
    I need to download issues #17,19,21,22,23,24 if that's possible.
    Best Wishes