Thursday 21 June 2012

Second Coming of Gotham

Greetings barbarians!

Taking up from the first run of Gotham and their closure , they had a change in their strategy and tied up with the who's who of the industry namely Richard Branson to form Virgin Comics.
In 2007 Gotham started printing Virgin Characters in India as the original were only meant for US consumers.
Interestingly the characters were mostly from the mythology pantheon and i must say they were good actually i enjoyed them with great artwork.

Not only did they set an outstanding standard in printing and artwork and original theme they showcased and introduced great artists to the world.

Jeevan Kang,Samit basu, Mukesh Singh people who had set the Indian Comic Screen on fire just to get a feel of what I'm saying I'm uploading the covers from my collection.
Devi (India Issues)

The Sadhu

Cover Art : Alex Ross
The US versions of the TPB were priced at 15$ and they also had some original series like-
Voodoo Child - Nicolas Cage
Seven Brothers - John Woo
Shadow Hunter - Jaemma Jameson
Gamekeeper - Guy Ritchie

Along with India Authentic and Tall tales of Vishnu Bhagat. Sorry i couldn't afford all of them as they were released only in US. In all they had all the ingredients to make this a Marvel of India but Old Crom had some different plan!

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