Thursday 27 December 2012

Comic Con Express - Bangalore 2012

Greetings Barbarians!

As for my leave of absence from the scene (which  has been long) i compensate it with giving you all a first hand account of our own Comic Con Express Bangalore - 2012.

Was organized in September for a period of 2 days in NGV indoor stadium.
I could squeeze an hour's time from my schedule to visit the same.
It was a wonderful experience watching comic aficionados  praying and swirling in numbers.Honestly i had thought that the response would be luke warm but was proved wrong!

Surely Old Crom had schemed to beat in some sense in the otherwise nonchalant comic averse people.

There were stalls from all (almost) Indian comic production houses like level 10,Vimanika  also some newbies in the business.
Interestingly there was contemporary art processed in comic format.
Saw some art materials and Hatchet Co. (The Marvel distributors in India) and People dressed in comic characters roaming the realms of men.

The journey has truly begun.
Crom doesn't promises any afterlife for humans and it is reassuring that the fever is catching on here.

Will be sharing the loot of comics from Comic Con express in my next post,till then barbarians-
By Ishtar merry Christmas.


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