Sunday 30 December 2012

Rare Books - The Vagabond in Limbo

Greetings Barbarians!

The franco belgian books of which not many have been translated in English have a rich collection.
One among them is a sci-fi series called Vagabond in Limbo,this unusual series saw 31  books being published in french.
The theme of the series is to question our understanding of reality through Axle Munshine our protagonist who reaches out to the far flung corners of the universe in his quest accompanied by a girl Musky.

Excellently scripted by Godard and penciled by Ribera in a satire tone,unfortunately it saw only two being translated in english and subsequently getting published.

1. An Ultimate Alchemist
2. What is reality papa?

Layouts and inking are great check out for yourself

They say "Madmen never tire" so keep hunting till then -
Adios by Old Crom.


  1. I once had a copy of "The Ultimate Alchemist" which somebody borrowed and never returned. I have since been in search of "The Vagabond in Limbo" . Any idea where I can find the books? I don't mind even if they are in French

  2. @Krish Whats ur location?

  3. I have a copy of the ultimate alchemist

  4. I have a copy , it's old though rough edges