Friday 28 December 2012

Rare Books - TinTin

Greetings Barbarians!

Before i  start yammering on more mundane books available, i would like to talk about Tintin.
I'm sure most of us have had a whiff with this nosy reporter popping up with his uncanny sense of deduction accompanied by snowy and capt. Haddock.

Well it has a cult following and still rarer books have been released like "Tintin in congo" and "Tintin in the land of Soviets". With uncle Steve(-en Spielberg) recapturing our imagination this guy has has been going strong since last 75 years!

There are various artwork,memorabilia and rare auctions one such among them on which i could get my hands were 2, 1st English editions of Tintin printed by Methuen in 1958 (UK editions)

Here are a few things which makes these books rare and sought after among collectors -

First UK edition and first english lenguage edition of The Crab with the Golden Claws published by british publisher Methuen in 1958.
This adventure belongs to the story of the new Spielberg’s film.
We can see that in first edition, pleasure of reading as collection become very intense.
Quality of cover (more bright than the original french edition), paper and colours are differents. So once you read a first edition that’s a renewed exciting discovery.
Notice the pictorial back cover includes some description that never existed in other edition than first UK and first US edition (nonetheless their introductions are not the same).

Also in subsequent publishings like mamoth and paperback editions the pictorial frames(Full page splash) were cut short and not available check these out

I acquired these many years back on the streets of Mumbai on my weekend persuits of sourcing rare books,Old Crom did help me out this time i guess as these are trading upwards of 200 pounds depending upon their condition!


  1. Really thankful to you for posting this blog, because with the help of this blog people can easily get antiquarian books online and there is not any need to go outside from our home.

    1. thanks a lot for your comment..pls watch out this blog for more!