Friday 9 September 2011

The Indian Comic Collector r u Kiddin?

So here iam after having been thinking of doing this for last 5 years!
Ok so since i'm here i will start with what i'm supposed to do..discussing comics and the Indian collectors.

True that we are laughed off at and have been branded as "Kids..never grow up" which is what the general perception is of this small group but things have been looking bright now and hell we even had an Indian Comic Con as well on the lines of American comic con!

No more rumbling so getting back at the business of collecting comics which is not so shiny out here in India.
Mostly fragmented I remember a few publishers from when i was a kid
ACK - Yes no introductions needed  for Uncle Pai!
INDRAJAAL - from the house of TOI (Phantom,Mandrake,Flash Gordon,Bruce Lee in his only comic avataar i guess,Rip Kirby,Drake,Buzz Swayer,Bahadur and Garth guys am i missing something here please correct me!)
STAR - From the house of IBH,they had 3 characters lined up James bond 007,Amitabh Bacchan as a Superhero (God knows what made them do that!) and Superman.
DALTON Comics - I have seen mostly Batman and Superman imprints
Falcon Comics - They started with Beetle bailey,Blondie and later also included Marvel's Conan (Mostly their Annuals) and Spiderman.
Kiran Comics - They had only 3 Tarzan,Korak son of Tarzan and Laurel and Hardy.
Disney World - Disney toons bonus was Zorro the fox!

Will be continued..

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