Saturday 10 September 2011

The nuiances of being from a small town.

Many moons had passed since my first 2 Marvel UK imprints and i have been dreaming about them for quite some time now.My heart was yearning for more so i pleaded to my dad for getting me a few more of those Marvel imprints.

I was waiting in  wild anticipation for a complete week thinking aloud to myself what would be it like to go though more of those pages and finally my dad brought me 3 more of Marvel imprints and declared that they were the last ...i was shocked i had just started my journey into me graduating as a full time comic afficondo when it came to an abrupt stop with just 5 piece!

I had dreamt of opening a library where i would be the librarian and before my dreams could even fly it came down like a pack of cards.

I was informed that the guy from whom my dad was purchasing the books was facing problems in sourcing them from the then Calcutta and hence he has decided to keep books for IIT instead of comics !
What a wako books for IIT took a higher prcedence than comics ...well that was that his business his money and the sufferer is a poor soul like me ,i thought to myself why o god wasn't i borned in calcutta so that i could walk the streets and pick my books ...well for the moment i was happy that i could lay my hands on atleast 3 of them.

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