Tuesday 13 September 2011

Other UK Published books

The sense of loss which had gripped me over the news of the unavailibility of Marvel's UK imprint soon eroded.

I was feeding on Indrajaal for some time i quite liked their Flash Gordon,The Phantom and Mandrake series but it was routine and common.
I took a leap of faith by indulging in purchasing my first Combat Picture Library.
these were stories in picture format on second world war but the art work was just about average.

During the same time i also got hold of a few old copies of Commando ,the art work was good and i liked their representation.
Few notables would be "A noose for a hero" and Attack Picture Library.

These books were all "Shyaam shweth" and of 65 pages ,nothing to talk about the paper quality same as Indrajal.
Also the same publishers had 3 concurrent series "Starblazer" , "Top Secret" and "Wild West".
While Starblazer was on intergalactic sci-fi (much on the same lines as STARTREK except Cpt.Kirk)
Top - secret had their protagonist John Havoc - An ex test pilot with a strife for adventure,although the dude was reluctant to work for any intelligence agency but gets tricked eventually in all the stories.

Good read especially "The 50 th Kill" and "Invisible Death"

Will be uploading the covers soon! Stay tuned.

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