Sunday 18 September 2011

UK Imprints HAWK and 2000 AD

Almost forgot to mention about HAWK comics and 2000AD!

An entire generartion of UK comicoholics would be up in arms for this omission.

Yeah , Hawk books and 2000AD were published monthly,annually and holiday specials.
It had charecterizations which fed to the imaginations of an entire generation notably Dan Dare,Judge Dredd, Slain etc.

2000AD alos had an intresting format of books they had panels wich the reader can construct and make a parallel story basically with alternative endings.
Remember those days Comics were still in vogue and SONY PS3 were eons away, just to rub it in Atari had just come out with 2-D 8 bit games.

Im no fan of Judge dredd though, but i liked Dan dare will be uploading some pics!
I know that i haven't been able to post some scans yet the reson being digital camera is tooooooo cumbersome to use.
waiting for my i-phone to come which makes it far easier.
Signing off for now

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