Friday 9 September 2011


Tales from the Crypt
My parenting was strict , what can i say in those days it was no different from a hostel and often my dad used to warn me that he would pack me to hostel if i cross my limits! Duh..i wasnt sure at that time where i was in the first place..anyways Jokes apart, Hindi movies was strictly banned and in the same lines Hindi comics were too, the general line of thought was that  i might pick up cuss words which might eventually reflect in my speech as well...hmmm...going by that line it was decided that only english comics would be fed to me.(This happened when i was caught reading a hindi comics during my study hours 6PM - 9PM)

Well one fine evening dad got me 2 comics (Marvel's weekly UK imprint) which caught my fascination and has not left me even to this day.

John Buschema at his best i could never picture Conan anything else !

Valour- Marvel's UK weekly Imprint #4

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